[Album Stream] School Knights – Lethargy


School Knight’s ‘Low Tide’ is probably one of the best songs we’ve heard this year. At least its probably one of the best DIY singles. The band, who hail from Denver, are completely unknown outside of a tiny tiny circle of blogs and realistically, considering their scruffy aesthetic and eclectic pallate, that’s the way it will stay. Even so we thought it was worth giving you a feel for their sound with ‘Lethargy’, their Lp, which is just getting its general release this week. Its a strange little collection of tunes that swarm and stutter from moments of absolute euphoria to complicated instrumentals without worrying about how its looking too much. Its a release that’s barely aware of itself as a coherent entity but one that, for all its mishaps and bum-notes, has moments of startling lucidity. You might hate it, you might love it but, whatever your opinion, its hard to ignore the fact that buried somewhere in the heap of sound they’ve produced there are the seeds of something really special.

One thought on “[Album Stream] School Knights – Lethargy

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