[Introducing] Travis Bretzer – Wholesome Canadain Psychedelia


Who: Travis Bretzer

Where: Canada

Why We Care: You know who else is Canadian and likes hats? Mac DeMarco. And guess what. A lot of the page space that has been dedicated to this kid has made that point again. And again. Laboriously. Like its a thing. Which I guess it is. Mac De Marco has pretty much nailed the guitar. The sounds he drags out of 6 strings and a few planks of wood is about as good as its ever going to get. I could sit there and listen to the first four chords of My Kind Of Woman for hours. Its just perfect. Which is why I have no gripes if Trevis Bretzer decides that he too thinks DeMarco is king. That said, for those of you who really want to be pedants its probably worth noting that Bretzer does, despite his penchant for wooze and odd-ball melodies bring a style of his own to that golden DeMarco formula. His vocals are yearning and succinct. They sound more like Dom or Yuno than the Mac and, when he hits his stride, which he does notably on ‘Hurts So Bad,’ he easily measures up against the master. Well worth getting to know.

More: Soundcloud //

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