[NEW] Wolf Alice – Bros


Wolf Alice, arguably Britain’s best new band, have just dropped another track and, true to form, it once again sets the bar intimidatingly high for anyone hoping to follow in their footsteps. Where Peace, Swim Deep and the rest of the B-town contingent bring big poppy hooks and sun kissed euphoria Wolf Alice display something very different and a whole load realer. On the one day a year its sunny I’ll have Peace and Swim Deep blasting but, for the rest of the dreary washed-out summer, something like ‘Bros’ is much more apt. Kicking into life in a effervescent vortex of reverberating vocals and big, wholesome guitars its euphoric in the most perfectly downtrodden way. At turns hushed then intense Ellie Roswell’s angst-laden vocals -once again- nail it and, as she launches into the refrain of ‘there’s no-one quite like you,’ we can’t help but feeling that, for what its worth, she could well be describing her little gang of four.

Check out more from Wolf Alice here, and here.

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