[Introducing] Bird Names – Shambolic Psychedlic Ramblings


Who: Bird Names

Where: Chicago

Why We Care: There’s something to be said for glossy production. A little bit of of the hi-def wall of sound treatment can turn a tedious soft-rock trudge into a giddy romp. In Bird Names particular case however, we’re pretty sure a trip within the sparkling confines of a decent sound booth would, almost definitely, murder what makes them great. And that, for those of you who haven’t taken the leap and clicked play, is their shuffling, ramshackle gait. Their take on Psychedelia is light and unstructured. Its a brief exploration of an eclectic genre which, at its best, turns up some truly perfect audio moments (and at its worst is a touch convoluted). Give the two tracks here a spin and then, if you’re not satiated, give their bulging backcatalogue a little look.

More: Bandcamp //


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