[NEW] London Grammer – Wasting My Young Years


So we’ve talked about this lot before and, as far as we know, a fair few of you are really quite keen on them. My position on them is far from negative but for me emotion is best expressed when its not this literal. I’d much rather listen to a scuzz peddling grunge rocker trying really hard not to cry than a successful young Londoner attempting to convince you she’s about to.

We don’t post about things we don’t enjoy, and don’t want to come across as too negative in a brief song review, but that’s our stance. For whatever its worth.

2 thoughts on “[NEW] London Grammer – Wasting My Young Years

  1. Love the minimalism of London Grammar. Another powerful song to add to their collection of outstanding songs. Can’t wait until a full album/another EP. Desperate to see them live.

  2. You know what I couldn’t agree more about wanting to see them them live, i remember after hearing their first few demos how much i fucking loved them which is perhaps why now I’m a little more negative than i might otherwise be. It might be the glossy production or the clarity of it but somehow, to me, it feels too clinical considering the emotional kick of the lyrics. They have the potential to be one of our best new bands and I really hope they don’t throw away all their massive potential for a few spins on the radio 1 a-list.

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