[NEW] Swim Deep – Simmer


With Peace’s album out in the open and Jaws still laboring along slightly behind the pack it seems like Swim Deep’s inevitable turn as the kings of b-town is just around the corner. On what ground they’ll take this crown though is less clear. With ‘Simmer’ the snarling certainty of King City has been replaced with a gentler ambiance liberally, scattered with a potpourri of chiming guitars and breathless vocals. They seem increasingly removed from the grungy slacker image that was so integral to their rise to popular acclaim but, in a year where a bunch of New York college kids are the fresh new faces of punk, that disparity doesn’t seem too much of a problem. It will be interesting to hear what path Swim Deep opt for with their debut Lp but, whichever one they choose, we should be in for a smooth ride.

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