Soft Bunks – Vol. 1

Cassette Cover Print Ready

So, after a few weeks of vague promises and semi-coherent teasers we’ve decided to slide the opacity controls up to 100% and drop all the details of our new imprint ‘Soft Bunk. Our first release ‘Vol. 1’ is dropping in the middle of May and is, finally, up for pre-order with the track-list, artwork and all other details over at Bandcamp.

Its the first time you’re going to see any of Thom (Alt-J)’s remixes on a physical format, the first -but certainly not only- time you’ll be able to pick up any of Oscar’s tunes on cassette and features new, unheard material from a whole host of bands you’ll be hearing more of in the coming weeks. You can stream Visual’s superb contribution ‘Double Vision’ above.

Chateaux – Just Another Day

Wanderlings – (Just Another) Recurring Dream

Oscar – I Don’t Care

Visuals – Double Vision

Spring King – Waiting

Gentlemen – Sailors (Of The Cosmic Arc)

Hawaiian Gremlins – Lonely Gizzy

Temple Songs – So Hello

Thom (Alt-J)

YRRS – Edita V (Balkans Cover)

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