[Introducing] Low Moon Low


What: Lo-fi Folk

Where: London

Why We Care: Having originally been compared to Alt-J and Fleet Foxes when they began dropping tunes a year back it seems like Low Moon Low have had a change of sound, if not heart, since we last encountered them. It shouldn’t however, be seen as a u-turn. This isn’t the sound of a band desperately scrambling for purchase in the loose scree of anonymity. Rather, what new single Calm Now presents us with is a band who have found a soft median between fuzz and folk. The melodies are yearningly pastoral but the instrumentals, and the vocals for that matter, search for meaning in the lofty perches of top-end distortion. Its a gently insistent combination that misses the twin pitfalls of vagueness and overwrought emotion that accompany the two genres respectively.  We’re fans.

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