[Introducing] Bloum


What: Slinky electronic soundscapes

Where: France

Why We Care: Occasionally we get a bit too edgy for our own good and delve deep into the bottomless burrow that is soundcloud. Normally we pull out trash but, just occasionally, we find something worth loving. Bloum, a French collective, fit into the latter category. Flower Dress, their latest single, sounds almost exactly like one of those songs you hear played at the very end of a long night, just as your consciousness slips from manual to automatic, that no amount of googling will locate the following morning. Its not a song that fits comfortably into any category but, from our half-hour listening session, we’re pretty sure it sits somewhere between Romare and Crystal Fighters. Its lugubrious, expansive and impressive louche and, for all those reasons, we’re pretty fond of it. The rest of their soundcloud is equally intriguing, so maybe check that out too.

More: Soundcloud //

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