[Introduing] Rad Stewart


What: Languid Post-Punk

Where: Cardiff

Why We Care: Everyone loves Pavement. More pertinently absolutely no-one, who I respect, hates Parquet Courts. Rad Steward sound a lot like both. Which, immediately, makes them one of my favorite Welsh bands. When Parquet Courts first popped their heads over the parapet early this year, a few early commentators made the most banal argument conceivable. Namely that their obvious apathy made them more or less irrelevant. It might have been a reaction to their post-modern nihilism, demonstrated by their absolute refusal to recognise, appear in any way shocked, surprised or pleased by their stunning overnight success. They just really didn’t give a fuck that people liked them. Which made a lot of people hate them.

Rad Stewart would probably be faced with much of the same vitriol if they were anything other than absolutely obscure. As it is they’re free to revel in their utter lack of ‘shits to give’ with very little response from anyone. Which suits them just fine.

More: Bandcamp //


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