[Introducing] Demob Happy

What: Radio Ready Rock

Where: Brighton

Why We Care: Guitar bands are back on the bandwidths. Peace are played constantly by Radio-1’s least inspiring dj’s and The Vaccines have crossed the border from semi-famous into the dark realms in which Will.I.am is a ‘visionary’ and Nicki Minaj a revolutionary trend setter. Not entirely kosher but, for all the negative press mainstream rock gets it does, clearly, serve a purpose. That is to say it opens the aperture of public-taste wider, allowing weirdly shaped lumps, like Parquet Courts, to slip through the portal from obscurity into the heady blaze of camera-flash infamy they deserve (although definitely don’t want).

Demob Happy are a radio-ready band shrouded in absolute obscurity. They’re friendly enough to appear before the 9 o’clock watershed but have tunes, like Rattlesnake, that are better than the usual soft-rock tropes that get traipsed out by Nick Grimshaw. Which is all a bit sticky and awkward. For all our far-out posturing we love to tie things up with vague labels in easy categories -surf-rock, lo-fi, garage etc…

Ultimately they’re not as good as Parquet Courts (even a little bit) or Peace (less obviously) but are better than the bullshit ‘rock’ that is usually trotted out by the A&R ‘pushers’. I can’t really decide whether I like them or not so thought I’d have a punt and share. The jury is out.

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