[Introducing] Menace Beach – Leeds Gets Scuzzy


What: Fuzzy freak outs

Where: Leeds

Why We Care: We’ve been working harder than usual this week and releasing far less new music. Which is bad. So to try and reconcile the balance a little we’re offering you something real nice. Menace Beach are from leads, they deal in washed-out balls of post-adolescent fuzz and sound like the kind of band Gross Magic might have been had hadn’t dropped so much ‘Mark Bolan’… as it were. Anyway we’re pretty smitten and completely overwhelmed with trying to sort out all the labeling, postage and about 100 other minor this for the big release on Friday so are going to leave it at that. Drop back here in 15 minutes for  a big announcement, of sorts. We’ll be wearing our nicest shoes. The ones with the laces.

More: Soundcloud //

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