[Introducing] Lace Curtain

Lace Curtain

What: Heady Post-Rave

Where: Melbourne

Why We Care: When Friendly Fires first picked their sweaty forms up off the floor of 2009’s grottiest venues and ascended to their pedestals on the high alter of indie dance there was a sense that the boys with guitar were, once more, reclaiming dance for the long haired shoe gazers. Talking Heads were the influence of the hour and synthesizers went from dirty little secrets to front line tools. Thankfully, things have progressed in the last 4 years, and now a few sporadic bursts of cow-bell aren’t enough to make a band boogie. Instead a new wave of Primal Scream aficionados are looking to the muggy days of Madchester for their kicks.

Jagwar Ma and Cymbals made notable leaps in that direction and now, with baggy back on the agenda, there’s a veritable tsunami of new material flooding in through every crack in the internet. Lace Curtain are one of the better examples of the trend we’ve heard this year. Driving, self-referential and groggily ecstatic they fuse drum-machine breaks, oozing vocal textures and endless pulses of synth into a shatteringly effective whole.

They’re the band we’ve been searching for all summer.

More: Physical //


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