[Introducing] Lumerians

What: Sweat-lodge Psychedelia

Where: San Francisco

Why We Care: Combining the droning magnificence of Vision Fortune with the neo-psych nous of Temples is no easy feat. So to find a band that had been doing it for 7 years without ever once coming up on our radar was, to say the least, alarming. That said the San Francisco collective’s new Lp, The High Frontier, is their first ‘proper release’ in Europe so it shouldn’t perhaps be all that surprising.

The first piece of their music we heard was new single Dogon Genesis which, at a satisfyingly symmetrical 5:55, was probably the most engaging listen of our week. They manage to nail the tricky balance between obtuse intricacy and melodic lucidity with absolute ease and, having had our hands on the Lp for the last hour or so, we can assure you that its no one track pony. Possessing a shamanistic intensity usually reserved for hallucinogenic rituals, and steeped in occidental mysticism ‘The High Frontier’ is an absolutely essential slice of modern psychedelia.

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