[Introducing] Bodywork + Download of their debut Lp ‘The Grind’


What: Swaggering techno-laced funk

Where: Leeds

Why We Care: Its strange, and on some level depressing, that the most exiting aspect of the music industry this year hasn’t been the music released but the manner in which its been released. There’s been more page space devoted to Jai Paul’s unexpected treasure trove, Boards of Canada’s Record Store Day rarity and Daft Punk’s drip feed than reviews of the albums themselves. Its strange, but perhaps inevitable, that in a world where instant music gratification is a reality, that what gets people psyched isn’t the music itself -after all there’s no shortage of that- but rather the intricate and bizarre manner in which its brought to us. There’s a strangely ritualised procession of streams, leaks and snippets that now must accompany every release of note and, although this can provide hours of amusing procrastination, it seems something of a sad indictment for the state of music in 2013.

That said, we were pretty thrilled to find that Bodywork, a band who had previously released only one song, had randomly, and completely unexpectedly, dropped a whole Lp of phosphorescent neo-funk gems on our eager ears. The album’s called ‘The Grind’ which is suitable because it sounds like Dutch Uncles processed through a Techo laced Madchester meat grinder. You can download the whole thing for free via the link to their website below.

More: Website//


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