Dispatches from Knee Deep #2

Hello again,

This is our second despatch and plenty of things have happened since the first.

We have now released our initial line-up, so that’s big news! You can check it out below, and it includes Drenge, Wolf Alice, Sweet Baboo, Sivu, Crushed Beaks, Troumaca, Jaws, Tourist, My Panda Shall Fly and loads more acts we’re really proud to be hosting. Obviously there is loads going on over the weekend, but the line-up is a big thing for us and we’re really pleased with how it’s shaping up. Still got a couple of headliners to come though, so excitement is hopefully still bubbling.

We’ve hired an incredible main stage. It’s gigantic and a real upscale from last year. The deal is that we’ve got to help put it up which should be fun, despite the fact we are all incredibly weak and weedy. If anyone has even normal sized muscles they are willing to lend us, then do get in touch.

Last year we put together a limited edition collection of Knee Deep T-shirts, designed by some ace local and national illustrators and designers. This year’s collection is really shaping up nicely, with some really sweet designers already on-board. Each will be printed on 100% organic tees with environmentally friendly inks, and available both over the weekend and online.

We’ve also been brainstorming about an exciting audio/visual stage we’re introducing this year. It will (hopefully, potentially) consist of panoramic visuals and accompanying DJs. It’ll be a really intimate space and a lot of fun if all goes well. It needs a name though, so any suggestions are welcome.

In other news, Dom brought a new bike, its shiny and fast. Scott, Helen and Fred came to the end of their degrees and will graduate soon (fingers crossed). Knee Deep is slowly absorbing everyone’s time and soon we’ll be moving over to the site, sleeping, building and planning their for the next two months. Before that we have Glastonbury though, one last party before we knuckle down.

We’re getting so excited about knee deep and hopefully these poorly written despatches will make you feel the same. It’s going to be fun, we promise.

Check out this Spotify playlist of some of the acts playing this year!


Knee Deep Festival 2013 Line-up Poster

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