[Introducing] Oceaán


What: Groggy tropicana

Where: Manchester

Why We Care: There’s been a lot of chatter about Manchester’s Oceaán in the last few weeks. Having picked up frothing reviews from Fake DIY and various other excellent sites, and a nudge from Crack In The Road’s Ben, we thought it’d be pertinent to pay this enigmatic Mancunian a little attention. Reminiscent of Body Language’s easy going production ‘Need U’, only Oceaán’s second track, serves as the perfect introduction to the producer. Laid back and immerse in equal measure, its a gentle ride through lush pools of synth and skipping breaks all tied together with a breezy vocal-line that’s almost catatonically languorous. With half the internet equally smitten it can’t be too long before Oceaán steps out the shade.

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