2013 – An Alternative List


2013’s been a ripe vintage for music. We’ve found a brace of decent new bands,  heard a terrifying amount of brilliant new tracks and been blessed with a few rad Lp’s . We’ve also, and far more often than is probably acceptable, completely ignored some really brilliant music. Some of its because of the glut of new sounds spouting into our inbox every day, sometimes its because we’re lazy but more often than not its just impractical to try and catalogue absolutely every new band that we come across. Anyway, because this weeks been quite slow and, with summer in full swing, we’ve got no real work to be doing we thought we’d do a list of some of the best bits we missed (props to this Clash piece for giving us a prod):

The Wytches –

Dour, sardonic and bristling with psychedelic angst ‘The Wytches’ are Brighton’s answer to the second coming of the summer of love. But with added hate.

Mazes –

Poised, a-tonal and agonizingly apathetic Mazes fit beautifully into the verbose Ivy League punk popularized by Brooklyn’s Parquet Courts. With clear nods to Pavement and The Family Cat their sophomore Lp, which dropped in February, made less of a splash than it should have.

Amateur Best –

Calvin Harris crossed with Nzca/Lines, Amateur Best toes the line between experimentalism and pop with panache. He’s been touted as major label material in the past but, with Lp ‘No Thrills’ making relatively few waves in back February, he slid under the radar.

Gaps –

Producing ambitiously widescreen pop, Brighton’s Gaps have been picking up a lot of plaudits from the blogosphere. They’re a band we’ve been on the fence about for a while but, with summer dripping through our fingers, we though it’d be worth doing the formalities now.

Merchandise –

As one of the most tipped guitar bands of the last few years it was always going to be a controversial call to ignore Merchandise just as they creeped their heads over the parapet. Somehow, and largely because we were so wrapped up in the Parquet Courts tsunami, we did. We’ve started listening to them -and to this tune in particular- with increasing frequency over the last few weeks so, just in case you missed them in the first wave of hyperbole, here’s Anxiety’s Door.


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