[Introducing] The Black Tambourines


What: Ramshackle Post Punk

Where: Cornwall

Why We Care: Loosely draped in a frayed layer of chiming guitars that sound liable to fall to pieces at any second The Black Tambourines, Art Is Hard Records latest signings, are about as apathetic as they come. Their Cornish heritage, combined with the fondness for scuffed up sneakers and impractically shaggy lids, might make it easy to shackle them under the ‘Slacker surf-rock’ label but, as their first Lp single ‘Bodies’ shows, that’s not entirely fair. They’ve dipped their beach-rat, tie-die tendencies into a deep vat of Psychedelic gunk and the end result -Bodies- somehow captures the spirit of both scenes quite nicely. One’s to watch.

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