Theo Verney – Tv Ep

Bearing more than a passing similarity to the sound of Kettering’s friendliest buzz-band ‘Temples’ being dragged down a dirt track ‘Waterfall’, the standout track from Theo Verney’s ‘Tv Ep’, is one of the best songs we’ve heard this year. Despite -or perhaps because of- a feature in NME’s Buzz’s column the cassette never really found its feet but, having stumbled across a mention of the release on Traams’ twitter this afternoon, we haven’t been able to put it down.

Its an unrelentingly clever fusion of deep-throated post punk and dazzlingly articulate psychedelia that seems torn direct from Frank Zappa’s clammy fists. Its rare to find a sound that so comfortably straddles the precarious bridge between punk and psych but, like Frank before him, Theo Verney’s stumbled across the spring and drunk deep. Give it a spin above.

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