Ones To Watch – Kristian Smith

What: Songwriting

Where: London

Kristian Smith is one of the most absurdly talented unknowns we’ve come across in a very long time. The man behind Yrrs, The Magic Gang and a ridiculously eclectic cluster of other pseudonyms, he has a habit of quietly posting new tracks on Soundcloud every few weeks alongside self-depricating rants and obscure quotes from 90’s VHS tapes.

The latest, an ode to Cara Delevinge , got us thinking we should probably do a feature about his sounds. Ranging from cotton mouthed pop crooning to bug eyed, fuzzy blow-outs the songs, a selection of which i’ve posted below, display his ability to write great songs in any genre. Its quite hard to hype any one of his projects in particular -his inability to stick with any one name for longer than a week might be why he’s never picked up the sycophantic reviews (present article excluded) his soundcloud suggests he should- but it’s only seems right that some of these tracks should get something of a showcase.

Have a listen and send him some love over at Twitter.

– P R E V I O U S L Y –




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