Clear – America

Despite its somewhat outdated, and very much unabashed, romanticism for the USA, Clear’s America strikes a surprisingly current chord.

Drawing on a baroque, psychedelic sensibility that’s as of the moment as you can get -Temples and Foxygen are obvious comparisons- it’s easy to forgive this Sheffield collectives bug eyed innocence in light of their obvious talent for skimming the best of the 60’s sound into one tightly compressed, and paisley printed, pill.

2 thoughts on “Clear – America

  1. wow..thats good… Not sure it so Naive, the lyric obviously ironic and is a contrast to the images which portray an ironic view of
    the American dream. Ferdinand

  2. thanks for the review percy, yes was a tongue in cheek version of how us British see America… and the lyric was supposed to show the cliched view… just got played on BBC6music this eve on Tom Robinson show. Many thanks once again for your review. Clear…

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