All We Are

Materialising out of nowhere with a cosmic gurgle that sounded like the soul of James Brown spinning down a plug hole ‘Utmost Good’ was a little more than a decent first track. It shaped, styled and made famous -admittedly in a limited sense- it’s progenitors and, to date, is the only mark they’ve made online.

That one -excellent- song’s been enough to secure Liverpudlians All We Are a deal with Domino Records, acres of page-space and the warm glow that can only come with being acknowledged universally as ‘The Bee Gees on Diazepam’, a self-awarded moniker that would earn a lesser band a well deserved curb stomping.

There’s very little to write about the trio in light of their limited output but, with a sound foundation of critical acclaim under their heels, it’s pretty safe to predict 2014 as a big one for the band.

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