The Magic Gang

Taking their early visual cues from obscure 90’s comedy Mallrats it’d be fair, and largely accurate, to assume that Brighton side project turned headliners ‘The Magic Gang’ are in thrall to the decade of dodgy denim and holographic junk.

Having formed from the choice fillets of various ongoing bands (notably YRRS and Home School) and with Ones To Watch stalwart Kristian Smith making up half of the songwriting team, (alongside Home School’s Jack), there’s a huge amount of material surrounding, if not currently credited to, the band.

They’ve compiled a choice selection of this back catalogue under the Echo Champ moniker on soundcloud (including some of Kristian and Paeris’ solo stuff) which hints at a slightly more coherent approach in the new year.

They spent a week with Hookworms’ MJ (part of the Menace Beach project) working on new material and re-recording old hits (first track Bruises reportedly went in for servicing) in late summer which makes it fairly safe to assume that the eclectic collective will be focussing their efforts on The Magic Gang in 2014.

First single, and 2013 highlight, ‘Bruises’ showed a flair for composing heavy, hook-laden jams and follow up With My Baby did nothing to question their ability. They’ve kept in the shadows for much of 2013, not bothering with intrusive PR campaigns, but, with industry sharks circling, it won’t be long before they’re out of the undergrowth.

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