Having dropped one of the years’ most beguiling debuts with a level of fanfare better suited to the grand opening of a municipal b-road Kins, who migrated to Brighton from Melborne, are strong contenders for the least assuming, and arguably most charming, band of 2013.

Hailing from the softer foothills of the psychedelic Plateau their sound, which sits somewhere between Alt-J and Tame Impala on the spectrum, is immediate, simple and, on repeated listens, loaded with dark subplots that belies its lush exterior.

They were kind enough to supply an original track for the compilation we put out earlier this year, which immediately places them very high in our estimation, buts it’s ultimately their music, which has recently started hitting five figure play counts on soundcloud, that’s got us hooked.

Despite the bands’ laid back approach their star’s on the ascendance and, with their eponymous LP getting a well deserved American release in the New Year, 2014 could be the year the scales tip in Kins’ favour.

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