[Introducing] Half Loon

Where: London

What: Psychedelic

More: Soundcloud / Facebook

Coughing into life with a baggy splutter of hi-hat ‘Reverie’, Half Loons third track to date, is the mewling runt of the psychedelic litter. Barely able to support the weight of its own flailing riffs it sways about aimlessly, suffering from the sort of cerebral wooliness that only strikes after hours of heavy sun exposure, or, perhaps, after getting deep into the Stone Roses back-catalogue in the early hours.

Its a miracle that this lopsided little ball of melodies, murmurings and rubber-armed drumming ever got committed to tape but, somehow, it did. And we’re all better off for it because, despite its wall-eyed clumsiness ‘Reverie’ stands, just about, as one of the best slices of psych we’ve heard this year. Or last. Props to Three Beams for the find.

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