Gum – Growin’ Up

Where: Australia

What: Psychedelic

More: Facebook / Soundcloud

I understand, what it takes to be a man, but I don’t have the time of day, to be brave‘ sings Gum on his second solo outing. Its not, perhaps, a lyric entirely in keeping with the gooey, sun-baked guitars that carry Growin’ Up’s central melody nor, not that this is neccesarily relevant, one that’s likely to inspire the sort of hash-headed summer daytrips the song sounds custom made to accompany.

What it does do is give Growin’ Up the sort of staying power not normally associated with sunny, if slow, psychedelic pop. Anxiety and self doubt aren’t typically uplifting but, like fellow Psychonats ‘Sunboy’, Gum has found the bridge between introspection and pop and, with a whole caravan of acid soaked chaos in tow, is straddling it happily.

‘Growin’ Up’ is taken from Tame Impala/Pond member Jay Watson’s upcoming, and currently unscheduled, solo effort ‘Delorean Highway’.

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