Radstewart – Insane Parties

Drifting into sight in a soft muddle of chiming guitars ‘Insane Parties’ , the standout track from Radstewart’s recently released Wiccans & Beatlemancers Ep, takes no time in making itself feel at home.

In debt to the suburban-angst of Weezer and Pavement, the track’s delivered in jaded tones and rubber-jawed quartets that sit comfortably with the cynicism of the lyrics. ‘If you go out and and get drunk, in a Native American headdress, then you’re a cunt ‘ is a particularly enjoyable example.

Taking pot-shots at British student culture may now be the aural equivalent of performing a ‘coup de gras’ on a decade old corpse. But, when the death-blow is delivered with such easy charm, it’s best to just sit back and relish it.

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