[Introducing] Harley Alexander

Existing in a weird little world of loosely-strung riffs, sticky vocal lines and gooey melodies ‘Harley Alexander’ is Canada’s answer to it’s erstwhile-prodigal-child Mac ‘creeping up to Brooklyn’ DeMarco. Like a Lizard short of a tail the Canuck scene seems to have found itself wanting and slipped into a sunny corner to regrow its missing limb.

On tracks like ‘Eric Breezy’, filleted from his recently released Universal Love Lp, Alexander shows himself to be more than a mere wilted stump, vaguely shaped in the image of everyone’s favourite gap-toothed goon. The Guitar sounds a little Maccish but the vocals, pushed up high into the song’s fuzzy underbelly, hit virgin soil worming their way into a skittish, syrupy tundra of warm melodies and All-Canadian feel good fun.

Thanks to NEU for the tip off.

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