Triptides – Shaman

The psychedelically steeped ‘Stroll on Records’ have dropped the stream of their most recent project. A 4 track, split seven inch mix, stuffed to its tips with steamy, folk fringed psych-rock. It features some great new bands, The Young Sinclair’s dozy contribution and Frankie and The Witch Fingers frantic melodies are particularly noteworthy, but, for us, the most exiting single feature is the new cut from Triptides.

Their recent ‘Predicitons’ Lp showcased spazzy, thrash-out psychedelia twisted around a core of smooth-sailing melody, which was all the more remarkable for the minuscule impact it made in the industry red-tops. This new track follows the same, well worn, path, showcasing slow-burning, sun-dappled wierdnesss complete with cooed choruses and honey steeped ragas that worm their way up into long instrumental plateaus.

You can stream the whole mix above.

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