Wolf Alice – Storms



The days of bands trotting into 1,000 cap venues armed only with a big hitting single and overblown sense of their own importance are long gone. Wolf Alice are the lead act in a growing class of British bands cutting their teeth on genuine, jobbing tours of pub back rooms and provincial towns. The NME front covers are still theirs, Radio 1 have lavished them with attention and their singles, and performances, keep getting better but there’s no longer any guarantee that bright young scamps like Wolf Alice will get anything other than winning smiles and photo opportunities for their ever expanding slew of bolshy, genuinely outstanding tracks. ‘Storms’ is the latest in a long line of brilliant tracks the band have put out and, with every passing month of ‘about to break’ hype always threatening, but never quite managing, to engulf them their snarls are getting more and more convincing.

Wolf Alice are a genuinely outstanding band, with genuinely outstanding songs who are, just about, remaining a small venue curiosity you can trot down to your local independent and catch with 100 other genuinely interested punters. Guitar music may be taking a beating from the ever growing house-hordes but, with emerging talent dripping from every provincial market town, its impossible to feel anything other than glee. Stream ‘Storms above.


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