Traams – Cissa

Ripped off their recently premiered Ep, Cissa is the sound Traams sinking deeper into the upholstery of a musty, sun-faded sofa. Soon enough they’ll become, as their beaky, The Family Cat channelling squall settles into murky trance-inducing melody, a part of the furniture, a metabolically-catatonic lump of crumbling foam and floral decal within which, in a few weeks, their ossified remains might be found by a concerned friend, or relative, or Fat Cat employee wondering where to send the royalties.

They haven’t forgotten how to create vicious little slices of post-punk, ‘Giddy’, ‘Selma’ and ‘Marbles’ see to that,  but with Cissa they’re crawled deeper into the furrows ploughed by early tracks like Klaus and found, somewhere in the sub-strata, a big, earthy truffle called Cissa. Which is taken off the Ep of the same name. Which can be streamed below.


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