Oscar – Kitchen Song

Blowing in like a roomful of sticky, solstice heat Oscar’s newest track ‘Kitchen Song’ is all pent up, sweat-beaded melody. Arriving on the back of his 146b Ep,  this new song continues the Londoner’s transformation from dour bedroom baritone – his first track Never Told You was almost buried under Morrisey comparisons – into almost-upbeat bedroom baritone.

Where Juce’s Burning Up is the sound of an MTV summer we’ll never live,  Oscar’s ‘Kitchen Song’ is the comfortable reality. Its the summer of London’s lazy dreams, a sun-faded ode to monotony wrapped up in billowing guitars and soft croons. The curtain’s twitch, the phone stays silent and Oscar pads the kitchen tiles, thinking about a ‘quite nice’ girl he met once.


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