Weirds at Beacons

We caught up with Weirds on the second day of last weekend’s Beacons, a few hours before they played the 9pm slot in the Noisey tent to a crowd of confused children and cool dads.We talked about their upcoming releases, Action Bronson’s towel helmet and their long absence.Later we bumped into Aiden, Zach and Matt -the bassist- on the way to see Jon Hopkins and wound up sat in wet camp chairs with the latter, watching thirty year old men snort party drugs off zinc crosses in a freezing field. You can read the conversation we had with the band and check out their new track, Off The Hook, below:

Who are Weirds and what do you do?

Aiden: I’m Aiden and I sing and play guitar.

Zach: I’m Zach, I play guitar.

Matt: I’m Matt, and I play bass.

Dave: I’m Dave and I play drums.

This is a nice little circle.

Aiden: Yeah…

How would you describe your own sound?

Aiden: Erm, Heavy.


Aiden: Sludgy.


Aiden: Rock.

Yeah, nice.

Aiden: Rock.

So you’ve just released a new single, which is really good [Off The Hook] is that part of a wider project or is that just standalone, because it’s been, what, about a year since Crocodile and Yolk?

Aiden: Yeah. We just released it free because it was so long since we released anything…

Zach: I wouldn’t call it a single. We just put it out. We just had quite a frustrating year, I won’t go into that, but now we can just… [muttering]

Aiden: …go fuck yourself.

So what are you doing now, are you recording an album?

Zach: Cool T-shirt [to Henry who’s wearing a Wytches shirt]

Aiden: We’re recording next week actually, we’re going to a good studio so that’s going to be fun, and we’re just keeping writing and keeping on playing shows.

And who are you working with, do you have a particular producer you’re doing things with?

Zach: Matt Peel.

Aiden: Yeah, Matt Peel. He’s just done the Pulled Apart By Horses record and Eagulls’ record. So we’re working with him next weekend which’ll be good.

So do you do a lot of stuff with Eagulls, is that part of your…

Aiden: No.

Zach: No.

Aiden: We don’t really know them.

Zach: They’re a good band.

Aiden: Yeah, they’re a good band and we like what Matt Peel’s done on their album, so yeah.

When’s that coming out, Is there any release date or is it all just really early days?

Aiden: No it’s just early days at the moment, so we’re just sort of messing around with ideas and stuff.

Any dates set apart from that, are you going on a tour?

Zach: We haven’t booked anything.

So this show tonight [Beacons] is just a standalone?

Aiden: Yeah.

Zach: It’s just for fun.

Matt: It’s going to go down.

Who else are you keen to see at Beacons?

Zach: The Fall.

Aiden: Yeah, The Fall.

Zach: The Wytches.

Aiden: I might go and see Hookworms, Jon Hopkins.

Henry: They’re clashing aren’t they?

Aiden: Yeah, they’re on at the same time aren’t they. The Sleaford Mods are on tomorrow as well.

Zach: Who’s on after the Wytches, tomorrow?

Dave: Tall Ships.

Zach: That’s on before.

Matt: I would be interested to see Neneh Cherry as well..

Is that just scientific interest?

Matt: My Dad keeps raving on about it because she used to do some weird jazz thing, so yeah.

So you’ll just be creeping around in the front row, or backstage?

Matt: Oh yeah.

Zach: Me and Nash got really pissed last night, we just snuck back, we weren’t meant to go apparently but, er, we went backstage for Action Bronson and he came out in this towel thing. Were you there?


Zach: Fucking ridiculous.

You [Aiden] have a bit of an Action Bronson thing going .

Aiden: Oh yeah, I know. If he laid off it a bit.

Matt: He’s a biggun, he’s a strong boy.

So those frustrations you mentioned earlier, was that label stuff.

Zach: Maybe. Sort of.

It’s all quite wrapped up in mystery. You weren’t just doing nothing and saying this to make it sound interesting?

Aiden: We just did fuck all basically. Just fell asleep.

Zach: Smoked..

Matt: Lazy bastards.

Aiden: And ate pizza. No, there was just some frustrations with recording and getting things the way we wanted them to be. But luckily we’re in a place now were that isn’t a problem for us, so yeah.

Nice, ok and anything else, are there any plans in the next month, or the next year, apart from the album maybe coming out, is there an Ep coming out?

Aiden: Maybe an Ep coming out, we wouldn’t rule it out. ‘Weirds Mania’, a working title. We’re just writing and writing basically.

And do you have an album worth of tracks, now?

Aiden: We probably have about half an album, maybe three quarters of an album worth of tracks.

Matt: We’ve just been doing it for fun.

Zach: If it happens it happens.

Aiden: We’re not going to plan out a career, do you know what I mean, we just do it ‘cause we love it.

Zach: We’re never going to be Kurt Cobain.

Aiden: Chad Kroeger though maybe…

weirds live



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