[Premiere] Weirds – Dig

Scuttling into life like a convoy of punch-drunk beetles, Weirds new track ‘Dig’ is a three minute blast of bile, biting guitars and rolling choruses. Written in a sweat-drenched basement late this summer, the track is the band’s first release on their ‘Heavy Records’ imprint. ‘It’s great fun to play live’ Zachary Thomas, the group’s guitarst grins, ‘The chorus has some pretty rapid fret wanking which enables me to stand there looking like some sort of shit Tom Morello… I’ll take that’…

Having ripped their way into the public psyche with ‘Yolk’ / ‘Crocodile’  the band have been locked away in ‘the North’, pulsing with the manic energy of Psycho era Nicholson, and commiting twisted sludge-rock monsters to tape. ‘Off the Hook’ was the first taste of their new material, and now, with ‘Dig’, the boys are giving us the first full glimpse of their new skin. The production is as crisp as a ten pack of Walkers. The guitars ooze muddy-menace, and lead singer Aiden veers wildly between hushed meance and full bodied bellows. It might be the best thing they’ve done to date and that’s no easy feat.

The video that accompanies the track – created by vocalist Aiden – is an implosion of American Fronterism. ‘I wanted to create an unsettling watch, somewhere between a kaleidoscopic trip out and a low budget cowboy Western,’ he explains. It’s an insane visual stampede that neatly encapsultes the manic energy of the track itself,  and transmits the barely-brindled menace of the band’s live appearences into a 4:3 block of pixels.

The four-piece are heading out for an nine-date, independant tour in early January. Check that out and stream ‘Dig’ below:

09th– January- Adelphi Club, Hull.

10th January- The Central, Gateshead.

11th January-  Jam Café, Nottingham.

12th January- Soundhouse, Leicester.

13th January- East Village Arts Club, Liverpool.

14th January- Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds.

15th January- Macbeth, London.

16th January- Jericho, Oxford.

17th January- Kraak, Manchester.




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