Holiday Ghost – Wavey Head Session

The Black Tambourines’ Samuel Stacpoole has been going it alone for years. His Holiday Ghost side project – which he does with Kat Rackin and Charlie Murphy – has been stolling along dropping songs from its linty pockets, making friends, buying milk and just going about its daily business for three years now. They dropped a 7 track Ep last year – from which ‘One One One One’ is filleted – but its only recently that they’ve found their feet, or our ears. Part of this feet-finding, has been the recording of a session with ‘Wavey Head’, a Falmouth based media company / label / blog. This was put up today and is incredible. Sounding like Jefferson Airplane after a deep lungful of Ozone its dark, fuzzy and balloning with bug-eyed melody. Its taken everyone a while to catch up with what Falmouth has been up to over the last few years but – now that we’re getting a glimpse of the orca out the water –we can confirm it… is… b e a utiful. Check out the session below.

1. Paranoia

2. The Truman Show

3. Holding On

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