Manuka Honeys – Pushing Pillows

The Brighton gang are busy boys. With The Magic Gang creeping their way to the front of the ‘hyped indie band’ line (touring with Wolf Alice, nussling the bosum of DIY) and everything just generally going quite peachy for that group, their Echochamp ‘collective’, a soundcloud handle under which a lot of their solo material was originally peddled, has gone rogue and is now a label. The first release is by George Boorman, of Abbatoir Blues. Soft, billowy, fuzzy, sleepy – glowing soft-core all out of its loosely stiched seams – its not what he’s usely up to with Abbatoir. Its really nice though and a great first look at how The Magic Gang and friends are turning their mass turnout – endless solo tracks and spinoff groups – into a coherent identity. Good stuff. Exciting stuff, check it out.

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