Paeris Giles – Change Change

Paeris Giles is another of the Magic Gang boys who’s been spending his free time slogging away under the Echochamp standard. A grouping of solo-projects which are being dusted off and clumped into one big, mulchy pile of tape-warmed singer-songwriting business its all pretty good really ‘Change Change’, Paeris’ contribution, is a slobbery, sluggish, sun-warped blob of dazed melody that ties itself together in a brief question-answer chorus. Blessed with the sort of hooks that only stick after the first four or five listens, its a slow burner thats been slowly burning its way to the top of March’s playlists. Check it out above and come back and have a listen to his day job’s new track No Fun, and his mate Gus’ new tune when I post them in the next 5 minutes or so.

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