Back in February we posted our piece on the Brighton and Falmouth DIY scenes. A decent chunk of Brighton’s output has come from The Magic Gang (‘Brighton’s super-prolific crew’) and their mates (Sulky Boy, Abbatoir Blues etc). A while back Paeris Giles put aside his Time-Out, grabbed an ice cold Old Jamaican and had a chat about the label / collective Echochamp. Check it out for top tips about making friends and keeping them in the internet-age:

Why did you decide to launch Echochamp:

Well it was something I’d been wanting to do for a while. I think it was evident there was an alliance between all the different project and people like NME and DIY kind of clubbed it together as being Echochamp, I thought it was the right time to sort of create an aesthetic / ethos around it which hopefully people would buy into and just generally want to support.

So its been in part a ressponse to the perception of there being a prexisting ‘Echochamp’ community?

Yeah I would say so, I also kind of see it as something kind of different to what’s been happening in Brighton so far and to an extent in other big ‘music places’… It’s kind of like the first self-sufficient label.

How so?

Well I don’t think we’ll be in a position where we have to find other people to contribute to releases, we have the scope within the group to make pretty diverse releases and even to make new projects if we feel that way inclined… I think the music we all make is relatively cohesive, and we’ve put a lot of significance on the way things are laid out and promoted.

Do you have any plans to put other bands outside of the group?

Yeah, at some stage it would be nice to source different people but I don’t think that will be for a while.

In terms of there being a wider move in music at the moment, how do you see Echochamp fitting / or differing from the mould?

I wouldn’t really say there is a wealth of difference, at the end of the day it’s such a healthy thing that friends can just do what they like doing (music dude!) and they can gain some kind of reputation for it. I think the main difference with Echochamp like I said before is that there is a clear aesthetic behind it, there is almost a brand behind it.

Most people would see the branding side of it as being a bit superifical?

I don’t consider that to be a negative thing what so ever, it just acts as a common denominator if that makes sense?

How has the media focus on ‘local scenes’ worked out for you guys?

I still think peoples focus on local scenes is still misplaced, whenever these scenes are mentioned the general focus is on someone huge, I.e. Royal Blood in Brighton blah blah. That being said im pretty sure most guys have had a good mention at least one or twice.

So Echochamp are about the brand, they think the focus on local is still missing the mark by looking at things from the top-down, or maybe they just don’t feel like thinking too hard about it. The media focus has helped launch a few new bands (Manuka Honeys), got them a DIY sponsered showcase at TGE but, ultimately, they’re about community and culture, not outside approbation or approval.

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