Still Waxing: Travis Bretzer Gets Down

Its Travis Bretzer’s mum’s birthday and he’s going to Red Lobster. He’s probably going to order Garlic shrimp. The air quality out in Edmonton’s pretty ‘bunk’ because of forest fires further north but he’s been excercising. Keeping fit.

Though this week is vacation, Bretzer’s been holed up in his studio working on songs. Tying down the follow up to spring’s ‘Waxing Romantic’:

‘I have six or seven fragments that I’m developing at the moment, i’m taking a different approach. Kind of like a carpenter sanding down wood till it’s good. Smooth.’

He sends across one of the first demos, a slow-burning soft-rock waltz. He apologises for how ’emo’ it is. It’s really good. He’s going to change the drums he says. ‘Some of the fills are a bit skanky, Its a work in progress…’

After Waxing Romantic dropped  in March, Bretzer went dark. The anticipated tour didn’t materialise, life was to be ‘kept simple’ and the ‘studio rat’ crept back to the studio. Five months later he’s in a good place:

‘I finally have a space to work on my music properly and not rush, it’s very nice.’

Bretzer’s been listening to ‘all sorts of shit’ in the studio. The Beach Boys, The 1990s, Alvvays, Crass, Stephen Wright. Watching four-hour fan made documentaries on Todd Rundgren. The Magic Gang. A mixed bag.

And Mac. He’s pretty psyched about Mac:

‘He’s always been so damn good… I’d say I get a lot of his curious fans, they see me as the off brand cola to his coke.’

Bretzer knows Mac. The two played together in Vancouver. Hung out a few times. When Bretzer played his first solo show for the Saucy Tasters material Mac was in the band:

‘Even when he was like 15 the dude could shred crazy blues solos’.

Bretzer gets a lot of people getting in touch over email. Sending him tracks. Chatting about music.

‘People are so damn kind online.’

But Travis Bretzer’s a really nice dude. When kids get in touch with him they’re his friends. Not just kids getting in touch over the internet.

The record’s getting closer. The ‘funky little bass lines’ keep rolling on. The vocal melodies are locked down and ready to ship. There’s even a ‘rap’ sort of thing.

He can’t really describe it yet. It’s there, but its still fluid:

‘Imagine having a chicken fingers with limitless dipping options. that’s what i’m going for.’

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