NZCA Lines – Persephone Dreams

NZCA Lines are back from space, and boy have they brought something beautiful. Micheal Lovett’s been on the road with Metronomy for the last few years and it looked, for a while, that the project he started back in 2012 had drifted away. Happily, that’s not the case. And it seems the period of germination has been kind to his talent. Out on Memphis Industries, Persephone Dreams is the fist cut from his second album. Continuing the Space Odyssey feel of his first record, it’s an abstract swirl of all that’s good about electronic music. Touching base with The 2 Bears and Doldrums, it’s pretty near perfect.

One thought on “NZCA Lines – Persephone Dreams

  1. katie – Brit… you look amazing. So fun to see you huge like that. It is so fun to watch you go through this and I am so happy for you both. Awesome pics… She captured you both betliafuuly! What a treasure. Love you guys, your favorite cousin, Katie.

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