‘Lots of Egggggz’: Magic Potion loose in London

Hey Magic Potion, what’s up. Who are you guys, and how did you come together?

Hey Knaggs! Well, we’re a yummy popztarlegion group from Sweden called Magic Potion. We’re friends since a couple of years back and the stars aligned or whatever and we found this really underpriced tape machine that we started playing with which led to the recording of our debut EP and the beginning of the band.

magic potion 2
‘Saucing Around’: Magic Potion at the Old Blue Last

So you’ve been knocking about the capital with the PNKSLM gang. Talk to us about the tour of London, how’s it been?

London was cool! We played three shows, so it wasn’t really a tour, but we had LOTS of fun and met so many nice people. We finally got to hang out with our buddy in Beech Coma as well, ate fish & chips and lots of eggggz, learned some swanky Notting Hill slang and just sauced around the streets of London in general.

Holy were crowd-surfing a lot on the 2nd. Have they been the fun one’s on the PNKSLM tour of London?

Haha, yup their show at The Waiting Room was sick–> Tour finale grand deluxxx! They are dear friends to us, cool and careless rockstar teenz who put themself in lots of funny situations all the time. Much luv!

magic potion 2
‘LOTS of fun’ : Magic Potion loose in London

Have you done much sightseeing? Have you been enjoying the palaces, and big ferris wheel and iconic signs?

We didn’t have too much time for sightseeing unfortunately. Tourist-wise, all we did was go see Marc Bolan’s childhood home, which was cool.

You’ll be going back to Sweden with a lifetime’s worth of stories. Any really good one’s we should know about?

Marc Bolan’s home is up there among the highlights, we supposedly had a dance off to Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al with famous british guy Matt Cross (him or, possibly, Chris Fountain), and met two funnny local stoner legends in Shoreditch who could easily be turned into a movie series box-office success story if put in front of a camera. (wish we took a photo) Also, Andreas somehow managed to hang like Jesus (matt) on the cross at one point in front of the stage in some kind of a vertical crowdsurf move during the Holy show, which was quite a view.

magic potion
Magic Potion getting arty

What’s up next? Are we going to be seeing you back in the UK? Is there going to be a record?

We’d love to go back to the UK! Had such a great time. Until then, we’re gonna spend the rest of the year writing and recording songs for our debut album, play a couple of shows here in Sweden and spend loads of dollar$ on versace haute couture styled habiliments.

Piiz out earthling dwellers of internet!

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