Warm Brains – Braising in the Sun

Rory Atwell’s been the man behind the decks for a lot of our favourite bands. Working with TRAAMS, Cymbals (Single Printed Name era) and a cross-section of the best and brightest in UK guitar music, his studio (Bratwell Recordings) has become a by-word for quality. He’s been releasing a steady stream of solo-material since 2011, culminating in this new full-length Big Wow.

Scraping away the brain numbing fuzz of the early cuts, his new material (like that found on his Art is Hard Ep Happy Accidents) shares a sonic sensibility with Sgt. Pepper’s era Beatles. With tales of camping holidays gone sour, trips to the seaside and domestic boredom, the new album goes deep into ideas of Englishness (lying on a bed of soggy chips is about as close as it gets) and angst. Braising in the Sun, an exploration of the anticipatory agony of waiting at airport security, shows this particularly well. You can stream it, along with the rest of the Lp, above.

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