Our Girl – Sleeper

Before she was one fourth of the Big Moon, Soph Nathan was Our Girl. Plain and simple. Nice and clean. With her day-job blowing up, it’s good to see Soph’s keeping on with the old project. Out on Cannibal Hymns, Sleeper is a heavy hitting slice of crunching melody sure to wake dozing minds.

2 thoughts on “Our Girl – Sleeper

  1. Kurzweil has many fans, and a few self-proclaimed Siiiulargtarnans, among the CSAT students and faculty who produced the video. Far from crackpot, he’s considered an important voice and scholar in the debate.

  2. 136 Posted by 67 on 16September 17, 2012 at 1c11:46 pm 40 397Hi DonnaThanks for sharing these videos. How awesome an idea is this?Oh and how crazy is it to be so caught up in work all the time? I have always worked too and think I am worse now that I work from home. I too am addressing this and taking some time out. Does the porchfest only happen in your area?See you on our hangout tomorrow.SueSue Price recently posted..

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