PREMIERE: Red Cords – Setback

“I just get really caffeinated and play as fast as I can,” says Charlie Murphy, lead guitarist and singer in The Red Cords. “The hard shit. Flat whites off the bat.”

It’s working. New single ‘Setback’ is a sub 2 minute blowout of tumultuous proportions. High-octane guitar augmented by Ry Cleave’s pummelling, oddly melodic basslines, whipped into fine shape by Matt Cleave’s tight unrelenting drums.

The dodo might have had his hair cut, but his skills with the sticks are just as sharp. He’s no Samson; if anything his football skills have improved.

Recorded at Murphy’s house in St. Mabyn Cornwall, snappy brattish vocals obviously nod to the Ramones, but there’s also hints of Dick Dale in the track’s frenetic jittery solo.

“I hate silence in any situation,” he says, going some way to explaining the track’s all out, breakneck speed — as well as the Red Cords’ infamous mid-set comedy routines. “Like if I am talking to someone and it goes quiet for a second I have to talk.”

The contenting noise to Parquet Court’s content nausea; less endless static, more endless staccato…

We took to the streets and asked sensitive modern man Caleb Fanshawe what he thought of the track.

He looked angry. “It just makes me want to shotgun a beer and start a moshpit with the nearest 4 people, regardless of how inappropriate that might be.”

Right on.

Stream Setback below and cut loose.

One thought on “PREMIERE: Red Cords – Setback

  1. I fookin love it. I think that I last saw you guys in Leeds maybe or Sheffield with The orielles. I get a bit fucked up sometimes but still love me music. Great track. Good luck with it. That track embodies everything that I like about music. Speed, pace, power, sound, punk. rock, just loving it…..

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